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Our scribes’ objective is to help physicians and allied health professionals focus on medical care instead of documentation. Over the past decade, scribes have become an integral part of the healthcare provider landscape – and for good reason. Scribes provide a valuable resource for the busy ED physician, hospitalist, urgent care physician, and outpatient care physician by increasing the overall efficiency of the operation.

With the advent of federally mandated electronic health records, many physicians have found that their productivity suffers as a result of the cumbersome, labor intensive tasks associated with their implementation.

Scribes shadow physicians during their interactions with patients and act as transcriptionists or “personal documentation assistants” to contemporaneously document the history and physical exam, in real time, as it is being performed by the physician.


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We are the fastest-growing scribe company in South Florida, all while maintaining a hands-on approach to managing the clients’ needs. We are here for you, from implementation all the way to the continuation of a successfully integrated scribe program.

Scrivas will handle all the complexities inherent to managing the hiring, training, and human resource aspects of a scribe program. We maintain all the credentials, certifications, and insurances needed in order to comply with your site’s or practice specific requirements regarding scribes. We ensure that your scribe coverage is of the highest quality, and is consistent and customizable.

We take care of training for you – including comprehensive education in HIPAA requirements, ICD-10 documentation, Meaningful Use expansions, HEDIS, and MRA compliance, and continuing education to ensure documentation excellence. We also manage all employee records with digital copies on hand in the event of a Joint Commission, AHCA, or OSHA inspection.

Our scribe supervisors are located on-site, not through some remote 1-800 phone number. They work with you at your side and maintain a local phone number, providing 24/7 service to support you when you need it most. We maintain a close working relationship with each of our clients, focusing on building strong communication with you, your administrative team, practice managers, nursing administration, or any other appointed contacts needed to integrate our services to your facilities. We will attend your staff meetings and help educate your physicians on how to effectively utilize scribe services. We also maintain personalized physician preferences so our scribes can provide efficient individualized workflows.