Why you should fill your medical scribe role.

Resolution for One or Resolution for All? Add a Medical Scribe Role to Reduce Burnout

Adding a medical scribe role to your team can help your already overburdened staff. This article shows how.

The beginning of every New Year has always been the time for reflections, setting goals, and promises typically centered around improving our own lives. As Healthcare Leaders we must look at this time as a reminder to not only reflect and set resolution goals for ourselves but look at how you can improve the lives of the people that work for you. Throughout the years, physician burnout has continued to worsen, physicians continue to believe that there is no hope in sight for a solution, and typically either they become dehumanized or end up giving up the white coat in frustration and anguish.

How Do I Know I Need to Add a Medical Scribe Role to My Team?

Now is the time to reflect and review the electronic health record (EHR) data, the workflow and processes of your health system, pinpoint the cause, and find a solution. If your physicians are staying after work and/or working after hours to keep up on with the clinical notes, there is a solution. If your physicians are mainly using the copy and paste feature for almost all their charts, there is a solution. If your physicians are taking days to submit their charts or have larger than normal chart inaccuracies, there is a solution. If your physicians are spending more time doing administrative tasks than patient care, there is a solution. It is counterproductive to expect that technology will fix the growing problem for physicians caused by technology- instead, it is a human solution: Medical Scribes.

What Does the Medical Scribe Role Entail?

Medical Scribes are similar to a personal assistant for a physician. Scribes will pre-chart before the start of the physician’s shift to pull in all the past medical histories, check on lab and imaging results, and be ready to begin the clinical shift with the physician. As the physician is seeing patients, the Scribe will document the pertinent information from the patient encounter into the EHR system.

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Scrivas, a physician-owned-and-operated medical scribe and non-clinical support staffing company, has been dedicated to offering the highest trained medical scribes in the industry with continued quality assurance run by a medical doctor. Scrivas Medical Scribes are able to reduce the physician’s administrative duties by up to 2 hours!

Time is money–especially when it comes to a physician’s time. Allowing a physician to focus on patient care, remove almost all the mundane IT work, and free up their clinical day to possibly see more patients without adding to their stress can be the deciding factors of improving patient and physician experience can help with retention from both parties.

As 2022 begins, let us all work together to improve the lives of the people that risk their lives every day during this pandemic, show appreciation for their hard work by listening to them, reviewing the EHR data, and making a resolution to bring back humanization to healthcare by utilizing Medical Scribes.