Covid-19 workflow response. Woman at computer wearing a mask.

Scrivas’ Covid-19 Workflow Response

Since the advent of Covid-19, there has been a need to adapt how we live and work not only in our everyday lives but in our work environment as well. We here at Scrivas recognize the importance of these changes to protect not just the patients we serve but the healthcare teams that we work with as well as their families.  As such, we have developed a Covid-19 workflow response.

As nonclinical healthcare team members, we feel we serve an essential purpose at the sides of the physicians we work with.

  • As the number of positive cases increase, there will be increased pressure on healthcare teams to see more patients per hour; both with potential Covid-19 patients, as well as higher acuity patients who have waited for evaluation out of fear of potential exposure. Scribes can continue to provide valuable documentation services, which will allow physicians to focus on their patients trusting that their documentation will get done.
  • Our scribes will continue to be educated on all Covid-19 workflow documentation requirements.
  • Reducing physician interaction with computers and other electronic devices will help limit exposure of work areas and potentially save on turnover of personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies, which can save both time and resources.
  • Scrivas and our teams have always looked for creative ways to improve the Provider-Scribe workflow. During these times of change our scribes will be able to adapt to the changing needs of sites we serve; we will continue to look for safe ways to add efficiencies and vital assistance during these times ahead of us.

Here are a few Covid-19 workflows that we think will help our scribes continue to provide services in a safe effective manner.

Centralized Workstation Services

  • Our scribes can be stationed at a centralized location onsite where they can provide full documentation services.
  • Scribes can prepare charts based on reports from triage and any pre-interview discussion, post interview the physician can report important findings to the scribe who can then update and complete the document as normal.
  • This method is recommended as it keeps our scribes safe from exposure to sick patients and allows for the most normal continuation of scribe services for the healthcare teams that they serve.

Local Remote Services

  • Our scribes can be stationed at an appointed area with Baptist computer access and phone line.
  • Our scribes can then maintain contact with the physician through their ASCOM, providing live documentation services through an open line during the interview, and receive any direct reports post interview.

In tandem telehealth Services

  • As several of our sites switch to alternate means of providing healthcare services our scribes can adapt.
  • They can assist physicians with telehealth workflow and documentation to ensure that physicians moving to this model have the support they need to help their patients at a distance.

As providers of essential documentation services to our healthcare teams, we at Scrivas believe in keeping our scribe teams safe, especially during times of heightened risk like Covid-19, so that they can continue to provide the services needed by the physicians they serve.

  • Our scribes have all been instructed on hand washing and workspace as well as personal hygiene to minimize or prevent potential contamination.
  • Our scribes have been instructed to use their provided masks efficiently to prevent waste while keeping themselves safe.
  • All of our scribes are updated and reminded regularly on any changing safety recommendations by their site supervisors and team managers and have direct access to up-to-date information through our 24/7 on call number to address any concerns or questions regarding Covid-19 workflow and their safety.

We at Scrivas understand the importance of providing the best healthcare services possible regardless of the current situation. Our teams stand ready to work with the physicians and their healthcare team members to ensure they can focus on their safety and the health of their patients while we handle the burden of providing documentation of their vital services.

We look forward to speaking with you regarding your scribe service.  Learn more about how scribes can help with clinician stress during Covid-19.