Top 3 Reasons Your Healthcare Facility Should Hire an Outside Team for COVID Related Support

Since the start of the global pandemic, healthcare systems have taken many measures to help minimize the spread of COVID. These measures have led to many detrimental effects, such as declining revenue, reduced services, increased overhead costs, and general negative workplaces changes. It has been essential for healthcare systems to develop a greater business coordination and operational resilience by reducing risk. How can hospitals do this through COVID contact tracing? 

These are the top 3 reasons your hospital should look to hire an outside vendor for COVID-related support:

#1: Alleviate the burden of an added cumbersome workload

When healthcare systems utilize their own staff to do the necessary full-time work of COVID support services such as contact tracing, healthcare screeners, and vaccine support specialists, their team is now doing double the work.

The newly added work may even take precedence — employees might start contributing poor work efforts towards your normal day-to-day operations. These new conditions can cause stress in your overall operations and increase employee burnout.

Outsourcing COVID support staff and contact tracer services allows healthcare systems to increase their capacity and output to meet the unexpected and ever-changing demands during COVID and the current vaccine roll-out.

Furthermore, the need for additional work has varied during the pandemic. Having a rapid turnaround time when this need increases is crucial. To move forward during these uncertain times, it is imperative to outsource to a company that can offer you all the different COVID-related positions in a shorter time frame than in-house formulations. 

#2: Ensure your employees are where you need them

To gain the efficiency lost due to the shutdown, healthcare leaders must concentrate on core business operations and ensure operational continuity during the COVID pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, healthcare systems have needed to create new positions. If leaders use their current staff to fill these roles, it is impossible for that staff to spend their time and energy on their core competencies.

In the quest of obtaining normalcy for healthcare systems, outsourcing these positions will allow leaders to focus on the operations side while the external company focuses on the newly added burden of tiring work the pandemic has caused. 

#3: Reduce & control costs

The financial impact of COVID-19 has been detrimental to healthcare systems due to the pause of elective surgeries, the shortages of PPE, burnout, and layoffs, among other factors. The American Hospital Association estimated that hospital losses would top $320 billion in 2020 alone due to the pandemic and its surges. (

Outsourcing your COVID contact tracing and non-clinical support staff can allow you to reduce payroll, benefits, and training costs. By working with a defined, fixed budget, you can also receive a large pool of candidates and reduce the stress leaders would have over employee turnover and potential future layoffs. With a fixed budget, healthcare leaders will know exactly what they are spending, which will allow them to dedicate resources to other parts of the hospital system and drive revenue.

Hire a COVID Contact Tracing Service

Outsourcing COVID-related support services enables healthcare leaders to innovate their hospital processes and engage the patients and community more efficiently. By utilizing an external healthcare support services company, hospital employees can focus their time, attention, and resources to their core competencies — this is an essential to get through the pandemic with the highest long-term resilience and agility possible.


Written by: Nicole Bramblett, MHA