What Is COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Why Does My Business Need It?

Many businesses are not equipped to deal with health crises. While enforcing masks and social distancing are two important aspects of containing the virus, you should be complementing these mandates with a COVID-19 contact tracing procedure. Understandably, many employers do not know where to even begin, especially with the burden of their day-to-day responsibilities. If that is your situation, you might benefit from outsourcing this process to a trusted medical organization.

What is COVID-19 Contact Tracing?

In the age of COVID-19, contract tracing is essential to containing the spread of the virus. This is a process that helps you proactively detect employees who test positive, preventing them from spreading the virus to other team members or clients who frequent your business. Contact tracing helps you:

Protect Workers and Customers

Keeping your business open means your employees will have a higher risk of contracting the virus. As an employer, you have a duty to keep track of employees who have been exposed, symptomatic, or confirmed positive for an active infection. A contact tracing service can help you stay on top of who needs to be tested and who needs to be quarantined. This not only maintains the health of your staff but protects the clients who are supporting your business during this time.

Keep Your Business Open

A large source of anxiety for many establishments is whether or not they will be able to stay open during the pandemic. If the virus spreads to the majority of your employees, you will almost certainly need to shut down your business, at least temporarily. This could prove devastating in the long run. If your funds run out before you are able to re-open, your business may have to close permanently.

Protect Your Business Against Litigation

By helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, you can protect yourself against any potential lawsuits. These lawsuits can come from patrons who contract the virus from your establishment or from employees that were not adequately protected within the workplace.

What Does Scrivas Contract Tracing Look Like?

Before any individual comes onto your property, a web-based application will ask every employee a set of customized health questions.

If an employee fails the questionnaire, they will be placed in a HIPAA-compliant dashboard.

As a company leader or administrator, you will have access to this dashboard. You will be able to see any metrics of your choosing, such as:

  • Exposure status
  • COVID results
  • Pending COVID testing
  • COVID vaccine status

Our COVID Contract Tracers will then begin the tracing process. They perform initial intake and conduct follow-up calls until the employee is fully ready to come back to work.

Once an employee is ready to work again, you will be notified immediately so you can prepare for their return.

Need to Keep Your Doors Open?

To protect yourself, your employees, and your clients, you need to have a comprehensive COVID-19 contact tracing service. With highly trained staff and extensive experience in keeping schools, healthcare facilities, and businesses open, Scrivas is well-equipped to help fill this role for your establishment.

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