No Experience Required!

Scrivas is a fun, dynamic, and growing healthcare company founded by an emergency room physician passionate about providing services to reduce the growing issue of physician burnout. Our physician-led training programs prepare team members for medical scribe jobs and a variety of other careers in the healthcare field.

Whether you have no experience and love the idea of helping people, or if you are looking to fast-track your healthcare career, you have come to the right place! We offer many different ways to get involved. Check out our current opportunities below:


How much will you like working at Scrivas?

On average, graduating Scrivas scribes stay with us for 26 months, all while gaining valuable healthcare experience and being on the front-lines of the new quality healthcare delivery model.

Apply for Medical Scribe Jobs with Scrivas

Looking for medical scribe jobs in your area? Join the best and fastest-growing medical scribe company in Florida! With immediate openings in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and the Gulf Coast, we have varied clinical settings and flexible schedules, so we can be sure to find the right fit for you.

  •  Paid Training
  • We offer one of the most competitive compensation packages in the industry with frequent merit pay raises!
  • Pay rates above national average for medical scribes
  • Frequent merit-based pay advancements
  • Great leadership opportunities.

Many of our scribes qualify for additional responsibilities and certifications in quality assurance, implementation, training, electronic health record superuser, and teaching opportunities within the first 12 months of employment.

Your Success is our Goal

  • 95% of our Scrivas scribes go onto pursue a professional career with admission into medical school, physician assistant school, nursing school, in addition to other graduate-level programs. Our medical scribe jobs help you gain experience.
  • At Scrivas, we are looking for motivated, inquisitive, and hard-working individuals who are looking to jump start their professional career.
  • We work hard to ensure that every Scrivas Scribe is at the top of their game. Your success is our success, and our most valuable resource is our team. We’re local, so you get the hands-on guidance and access to our leadership for all your training and professional needs.

Become a Healthcare Screener

We have immediate openings to work for a South Florida based hospital System providing onsite screening of patients and staff.

  • $125 total retention bonuses paid starting at your 30-day then 60-day anniversary
  • Flexible schedules
  • Stepping stone to a career in healthcare
  • Great leadership opportunities
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$125 in bonuses!


Sabrina Villamizar

My experience at Scrivas has helped me in many aspects of life. It has helped me mature, fall more in love with medicine and inspire me to push harder to reach my goal of becoming an MD. I have learned a lot more than I thought I would have and have built many relationships with professionals that I can look up to and will help/push me to reach my goals.

Sabrina Villamizar
ED Scribe

Samantha Rodriguez

Being a scribe has taught me underlying skills such as how to work in an intense environment, working under pressure, time management, thinking quickly on your feet, working efficiently as a team alongside your coworkers, and even planning ahead for your shift. Besides having had the chance to work in different health care environments, such as the emergency room, ambulatory care practices, and with adults and pediatrics, being a scribe allowed me the opportunity to observe and learn from physicians about different procedures, and even their thought process behind treating a patient. Overall, I am so grateful for the opportunities that working as a scribe has given me in preparation for my future career as a nurse.

Samantha Rodriguez
Pediatric ED Scribe

Marcello Immediato

I started working as a Scrivas scribe in August of 2019 for the breast oncology clinic and then moved to the genetics clinic in January 2020. Everyone I have worked with has always been welcoming and appreciative of my work. I have built such a great relationship with everyone that allows for great team cohesiveness and efficiency. As a scribe I have learned how to properly document physician notes, significantly increased my knowledge of medical terminology, witness physician-patient interactions every day and so much more. I love being a scribe and it has truly helped me in my own personal pursuit to becoming a physician.

Marcello Immediato
Oncology Specialty Scribe

Alexander Bolufer

Working as an ER scribe gave me an opportunity to work side-by-side with physicians, build relationships with them and learn from them. I learned a great deal about how physicians think, the challenges physicians face and how they overcome them. This experience made me stand out as a medical school applicant, as I was able to show that I understand much about the profession before having already entered it. While being a scribe is challenging at times, the rewards were immeasurable, and I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.

Alexander Bolufer
ED Scribe

Eleane Castano

As a medical scribe for Scrivas, I facilitate a physician's work day by, documenting all patient encounters. This allows physicians to truly devote all their attention to their patients rather than clerical duties, and therefore, save even more lives. As a future physician myself, scribing has provided me with the opportunity to begin learning about medicine before entering medical school. I get to learn from experienced doctors and mid-levels, as well as patients. I will continue to assist the wonderful physicians I work with and my hope is to be as amazing as they are, one day.

Eleane Castano
Cardiovascular Specialty Scribe

Alyssa Anteen

I started with this company four years ago this month and it has been one of the best experiences. This job has given me the opportunity to not only boost my resume but also learn from some of the most amazing and kind healthcare workers, including physicians, NPs, PAs, nurses, and techs in the ERs and Urgent Cares where I work. Trust me, the knowledge I have gained from scribing has given me the upper hand in nursing school.

Alyssa Anteen
Scribe Supervisor for Urgent Care