A Better Scribe Service

At your Side, At your Service” is the philosophy that is behind everything we do at Scrivas. It is why we place a high priority on our level of service, the responsiveness to our clients, our selective hiring and training process, our quality assurance program, and extensive reporting which allows us to provide a high-quality medical scribe service.

Level of Service

Scrivas has a unique perspective on the needs of the physicians that it serves because of its physician leadership. The focus of Scrivas has always been to provide the best scribe service to physicians so that they can provide the best possible care to their patients.

Scrivas has hundreds of thousands of hours of experience in the scribe services field and has expertise in all possible clinical settings (emergency departments, urgent care centers, hospitalists, ambulatory care centers, and physician specialty practices). We bring that knowledge with us to every project we review and every site we launch.

Our management team, supervisors, and scribes work together leveraging their experience and training to bring solutions to the physicians and practices we work with to ensure that the physician-scribe workflow and relationship operates efficiently at all times.


Scrivas is known for its responsiveness to its client’s needs. We are based in South Florida which affords us the opportunity to quickly respond to any client need in person, whether at the supervisor, management, or executive level.

Our executive leadership is intimately involved in the quality and service of the company, with regular on-site client interactions. All of our supervisors are on-site working shifts, and our management team is only a phone call away. Our leadership team addresses any concerns within the same day.

Industry Leading Training

We have an extensive hiring and training process that ensures high quality scribes. We selectively draw our staff from a pool of highly motivated future medical professionals that show a strong interest in the field of medicine. Our selective process is integral to our company’s reputation, and we realize that our clients expect intelligent, professional, and committed scribes. They shadow your physicians to learn their preferences and we don’t charge you until they’re ready.

Unparalleled Quality

Scrivas has the most robust onboarding process in the business, coupled with high integrity of scheduling to deliver industry leading quality. Our included KPI dashboard provides you with ongoing insights into our performance and helpful audit support when needed. Our team of motivated scribes, made up of mostly pre-med students, are ready to work with your medical team.

As a company that focuses on providing quality medical documentation services, Scrivas has a strong Quality Assurance Program in place to ensure we meet our clients’ expectations. We proactively address the needs of individual physicians and clients on an ongoing basis, and we are always fine-tuning the scribe service for our clients.

Integration With Your Team

Our scribe team provides consistency of service to help optimize your workflow. By cross-training a small team we can ensure that a skilled expert familiar with your charting process is there supporting your medical team around the clock if needed, regardless of sick days, vacation time or other absences that would otherwise need to be managed by your in house operation. You take care of the patients, we take care of the charts. Simple as that.

Extensive Reporting

To provide our clients with the best real-time reporting processes, every Scrivas client is provided a personalized Scrivas Dashboard which can be accessed in real-time, online. This dashboard displays all requested Key Performance Indicators, including; staffing, training, scheduling, quality assurance, and compliance. It even allows our clients to request schedule changes or report any additional questions or concerns so that we can address them through our incident reporting and resolution system.

How Scrivas Works

Our executive team is made up of healthcare professionals, who understand the complexities of healthcare compliance and regulations. Scrivas is always looking forward, anticipating the needs of our clients with respect to the ever-shifting healthcare landscape. To meet our exacting scribe service standards, all scribe training is physician-led and conducted through Scrivas University.

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Deciding to implement scribe services could be a difficult choice; selecting the best scribe company to use should not. Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss how we can impact your workflow, documentation, and billing needs.

Setting A New Standard for Quality

Our scribes are thoroughly trained on accuracy and efficiency. Each of our scribes undergoes rigorous selection and training under the supervision of a Medical Doctor.


Exhaustive selection and interview process to identify highly motivated, responsible, and dedicated individuals.


Client-specific detailed didactic program with required certification exams administered by Scrivas University.


Hours of patient simulations, shadowing of existing scribes, and extended in-person onsite training and evaluation program.


Detailed training on client’s EMR to become familiar with any client specific workflow, standards, or conventions.


Quality Assurance team continues to closely monitor scribes, and conduct regular performance evaluations.

Ongoing Training

The Scrivas Quality Assurance Program ensures continuing onsite support and scribe evaluation to ensure the quality of our scribes and the satisfaction of the providers. The QA Team monitors each scribe’s documentation and proficiency with live, in-person audits and didactic updates on an ongoing basis. The QA Team solicits feedback from your physicians and staff, resulting in targeted education in an effort to constantly improve our service.

During a medical scribe service, one scribe is holding binder and showing notes to another scribe.

The Scrivas Dashboard

Our real-time customizable analytics dashboard is unique in the industry and one of the things that sets Scrivas apart. It allows our quality team to monitor the performance of our scribes while on- site with you, and also provides our clients with helpful feedback and audit tools.

Staffing and Scheduling

Your Scrivas Dashboard includes your site’s scribe contact information and staffing metrics, as well as training metrics, staffing reports, and 6-month shift integrity graphs. Weekly staffing reports include 90-day tracked metrics with graphic tracking of key performance metrics important to you.

Documentation and Survey Reports

Your Scrivas Dashboard displays document review tracking to see your site scribes’ performance, as well as customizable document review forms and physician surveys. We include quality control metrics with document review scores and graphic tracking of trends for your site’s scribes.

Onboarding and Compliance

As physicians we recognize the critical nature of compliance in any healthcare organization. The Scrivas Dashboard includes compliance office contact information and compliance metrics, as well as scribe compliance reports and task tracking. You can see annual compliance task tracking for all of your site’s scribes. Metrics are tailored to your site’s compliance needs and onboarding tracking for all new hires showing compliance task completion in real time.