The high-quality support your physicians need.

Our industry-leading training gives our scribes the expertise they need before they join your team.

The level of service your healthcare organization deserves.

From our scribes to our physician leadership team, we are at your side, at your service.

When we make a promise, we deliver.

Don’t put up with anymore overpromising, underdelivering scribe companies. We deliver what we promise.

Scribes love working for us. Physicians love working with us.

Let us show you why everyone wants Scrivas on their side.

Scrivas scribes are a critical tool in the fight against physician burnout.

Concerned about physician burnout? Our scribes clear the way for physicians to focus on the
patient and reclaim job satisfaction.

Physician burnout is a serious problem.
Our scribes are the solution you need.

Burnout and staffing shortages lead to low physician retention and poor patient outcomes. You know your healthcare team needs specialized support, but finding medical scribes you can really count on can be frustrating. With real-time, at-your-side EHR charting support from Scrivas, better physician and patient satisfaction are within reach.

Get a Return on Your Investment

Adding scribes to your healthcare team is an investment, so you need to be sure you choose the right scribe company. But one thing is clear—when 80-90% of administrative tasks are removed from a physician’s responsibilities, productivity increases. Our highly trained scribes clear the way for your physicians to do their job more efficiently by ensuring the clinical notes have proper, complete documentation for all completed work, which can generate additional revenue.


We Empower Doctors

High-Quality Scribes

Effective scribes require expert, hands-on training to give physicians the support they need.

Our selective hiring practices and robust physician-led training processes ensure you always get matched with a highly competent scribe.

Unmatched Service

The support we provide doesn’t begin and end with our scribes—Scrivas continually strives to exceed your expectations and offer solutions that meet your standards. 

Our physician leadership team has the experience and knowledge to overcome the challenges that your healthcare organization faces every day, and we are ready to serve you.


Two-thirds of a physician’s day is spent on clerical work, which puts a major strain on productivity.

Well-trained medical scribes improve workflow and efficiency, increase patient capacity and CMI, and allow physicians to attain sustainable work-life balance while building stronger patient relationships.

Documentation Integrity

Scrivas scribes improve documentation integrity by having a deep understanding of MDM, MIPS/MACRA, ICD-10, CMS, HEDIS, and MRA documentation requirements.

Our training program gives our scribes the tools they need to improve your documentation quality, which benefits your billing and medico-legal requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

Our extensive selection and review process ensures our staff will meet your regulatory compliance needs.

We keep Background/Drug Screening, LEIE Verification, Immunization/Vaccination, TB Testing/Risk Assessment documentation available as needed as well as any certifications records, such as HIPAA or Medical terminology.

Physician Owned Company.
Physician Trained Scribes.

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To build a safer and more efficient workplace by utilizing highly trained
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