Welcome To Scrivas University

Scrivas University provides training and educational programs developed by an experienced team of physicians, administrators and experienced medical scribes. Its curriculum is designed to introduce new employees to its training program, as well as providing customized learning tools to existing scribes, healthcare screeners and contact tracers through our Continuing Education, Re-education, and Quality Assurance programs.

Scrivas University is run by a medical doctor who utilizes his experiences from his training from medical school as well as working as a scribe to develop an integrated approach to the education of all Scrivas scribes, healthcare screeners and contact tracers. That integrated approach includes working directly with clients through their physicians, healthcare team members, billing team members, and administrators to develop a strong and efficient workflow that matches the needs of each site.

How Does Scrivas University Work?

Scrivas University offers a variety of methods to ensure our students and staff receive the training needed to perform and exceed our clients’ expectations every day.

  • In addition to traditional classroom-based learning and education, we also offer live, onsite, in-person training.
  • We offer online education classes and resources which cover a broad range of specialty and professional development topics.
  • We maintain a library of client specific terminology, documentation, and workflow guides that Scrivas scribes, healthcare screeners and contact tracers can access online or through their individualized site binders.

We ensure that our teams are notified as workflows are updated and improved by collaborations with clients.

What Does Scrivas University Offer?

Scrivas University provides individual certification in the following areas of specialty:

  • General Medical Terminology
  • Medical Documentation Skills
  • HIPAA Compliance Training

Scrivas University provides individual certification in the following areas of specialty:

  • Medical Documentation and Workflow
  • EMR Education and Skills Development
  • Scribe-Provider workflow introduction and review
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Scrivas University provides a comprehensive suite of in-person and online learning courses in order to train all new incoming team members and ensure they continue learning and improving throughout their tenure with Scrivas.

A comprehensive introduction program for each new staff member
  • What is a Scribe?
  • Medical Professionalism
  • HIPAA Compliance Training
  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Documentation
  • Understanding Acute and Following Presentations
  • Understanding Chronic Diseases
  • Introduction to Concepts in Billing and Coding for Medical Documentation
  • Scrivas Orientation
A thorough onsite training program for all staff after completion of intro training
  • Site specific medical terminology and workflow education
  • Extensive hours of at your side training under a team of experienced scribe trainers and site supervisors
Ongoing Quality Assurance and Continuing Education
  • Regular documentation reviews and employee assessments
  • 1:1 re-education to ensure continued quality based on document reviews
  • Site specific educational updates through in-person classes, online review, or distribution of educational documentation
Professional Scribe Development & Certification Programs
  • Medical Scribe
  • Senior Medical Scribe
  • Telehealth Scribe
  • Scribe Trainer
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Physician Education Specialist
  • Implementation Specialist
  • Scribe Supervisor

Why Is Scrivas University Important?

Scrivas University provides the educational foundation that differentiates our scribes, healthcare screeners and contact tracers from other companies. Our training, education, and certification services combined with a rigorous and selective recruitment process allows Scrivas to offer some of the best quality staff in the industry. Our training ensures that our team members are knowledgeable and adaptable; they not only understand the workflows developed for them, but why they are so important to follow.

Scrivas University works both internally with Scrivas Site Supervisors, Scrivas Trainers, and Scrivas Quality Assurance Teams and externally with clients’ Physicians, Medical Directors, Billing and Coding Liaisons and Administrators to ensure that our curriculum is up to date and able to provide meaningful tools to all Scrivas staff.

Because of Scrivas University, we are able to offer specialized courses to each of our sites on an individual basis whenever a documentation, workflow, or EMR change is requested. We can then ensure that all of that site’s scribes and healthcare screeners are educated and certified on those changes with the appropriate follow-up and re-education to ensure continued excellence in quality.

Scrivas University follows the At your Side, At your Service philosophy that is at the core of the Scrivas principle. Scrivas University can quickly adapt to changing client needs and modify training to ensure scribe adoption. Scrivas University is here to ensure the continuing quality and education of all your Scrivas specialists.

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