Miami Company Alleviates Physician Burnout With The Support Of Medical Scribes

Leading medical scribe agency, Scrivas, connects physicians with the charting help they need

MIAMI, FL, March 22, 2022 – With the addition of pandemic-related influences and staffing limitations, physicians have increased levels of both stress and pressure in already tense work life, leading themdown the road of burnout.Scrivas, Miami’s leading medical scribe agency, bridges the gap between physicians and work-life balance by providing physician-trained scribes to manage patient documentation.

In 2020, physician burnout statistics were at 48%[1] and now, physician burnout rates have increased by 13% to an alarming 61% in 2021[2]. Finding solutions for physician burnout has never been more critical. A report from the KLAS Research Arch Collaborative found that rates of physician burnout continue to rise amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only is burnout increasing, but the rate of increase has sharply accelerated into 2022.

“As an emergency room physician, I see the aids that physicians need firsthand,” says Scrivas’ CEO and Board-certified emergency medicine pediatrician, Dr. Fernando G. Mendoza. “With Scrivas, my goal was to improve the quality of care delivered to patients and the quality of life to physicians experiencing the burden of electronic health record requirements.”

Scrivas has been providing in-person and virtual medical scribe services to a growing number of South Florida hospitals and physician groups. With the support of its medical scribes, hospitals have seen improvements to the number of patients admitted, increase in patients seen per shift, resulting in provider retention and decreased physician burnout. Along with better patient care, the service provides financial benefits since the doctor, now freed from excessive paperwork, can see 20 to 25 percent more patients.

“Institutions that we serve report higher numbers of patients seen per shift and in turn, a reduction to patients’ length of stay – but most importantly, an increase in patient satisfaction and better clinical care,” continued Dr. Mendoza. “Being able to talk directly to a patient or family member without being distracted with charting gets back to the essence of the physician-patient relationship – which is why we went into medicine in the first place. This increases the physicians’ job satisfaction and alleviates physician burnout. Sitting down and really connecting with patients makes all the difference.”

Scrivas’ medical scribes are primarily young professionals interested in medical or health-related careers, who work onsite directly with physicians. The company operates in hospital emergency departments, urgent cares, in-patient hospitalists, and ambulatory care practices throughout South Florida, in addition to private practices.