Clinician stress is increasing during covid-19. Picture of emergency room.

How to Alleviate Clinician Stress in a Busy Hospital During COVID-19

The CDC website is displaying updated numbers for COVID-19 cases every day. The numbers are climbing. Quickly. This is leading clinicians to work long hours inside a busy hospital or healthcare clinic. What’s being lost in this entire crisis is the overwhelm our physicians are facing. Clinician stress is on the rise. They are working long hours with little protection from the virus, putting their lives in danger.

It’s clear that there is a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) amongst U.S. hospitals. That misfortune is cycling through media networks nationwide and we need an answer.

More than ever, healthcare organizations are finding that their employees are overworked and in need of support. Physician burnout is trickling down to nurse burnout. Even the ancillary staff is feeling the effects as a sterile environment is more important now than ever.

Our trained medical scribes are no stranger to a busy hospital. Scrivas is ready to step up to the plate and help alleviate the clinician stress that’s almost certainly spreading through your organization and its employees.

Documentation is the last thing you’re worried about

Patient care comes first. As an organization founded by a clinical team, we know all about this. And with the short window of opportunity for saving a patient once their symptoms hit a certain point, it is more essential to be more patient-focused than ever.

That being said, your patient’s medical chart needs to remain accurate to ensure they get the safest care. Inaccuracies here prompt devastating results down the line — and not to mention the legal implications.

With scribes onsite and supporting your clinical staff, your clinicians can focus solely on treating patients throughout your busy hospital.

Need for immediate workflow adjustments

Our scribes are trained diligently and used to working with various, changing workflows. As your busy hospital takes on patient volumes it may not have been prepared for, workflow adjustments may have been necessary to make.

The burden this could place on your staff could lead to even higher levels of clinician stress than the COVID-19 pandemic itself. It places an added workload on your employees—and an important one at that.

Scrivas scribes have worked with physicians and healthcare teams in busy hospitals across the region. We stand ready to provide documentation support to your organization in its time of need.

Improving safety and clinician stress are our priorities

We care deeply for our scribes and our scribes care about you and your clinicians. Our scribes are thoroughly trained on safety measures and those measures will be diligently practiced while onsite.

Our scribes are regularly updated on the COVID-19 pandemic. They also have access to a hotline which addresses any concerns our scribes have.

Scrivas and our scribes stand ready to help you and your healthcare organization. Busy hospitals, timid wait rooms, and clinician stress won’t seem to be getting any natural relief from the spread of COVID-19 virus any time soon. With scribes by their side, they can at least be relieved of some of the pressures they are forced to perform.

We understand the importance of providing the best healthcare services during these unusual times. Our teams stand ready to work with the clinicians to ensure they can focus on their safety and the health of their patients.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to speak with a representative who can help walk you through the process of deploying our scribes to your site.