What Do Medical Scribes That Are Now in the Workforce Say About Their Time in Scrivas?

The path to a healthcare-related career often requires a precursor, or some sort of experience to better prepare oneself for the exciting challenges to be faced. A career as a medical scribe provides a wealth of knowledge and intangible experiences worthy of anyone interested in stepping foot inside a hospital setting. Here are some amazing things that some former medical scribes who are now active in the healthcare field have to say about their time as a medical scribe:




“Being a medical scribe was a very valuable experience for me during my path through medical school and residency into becoming a hospital medicine physician. Learning various medical terminology, how to obtain information from patients, and how to document both quickly and effectively on an EMR lessened the learning curve immensely. The high-intensity nature of the emergency department also made me comfortable in high-acuity settings as a physician.


I truly felt that I was as prepared as anyone could be during medical school rotations and then residency. Additionally, I found moments in my training where I didn’t go back to what I learned from my countless hours of studying textbooks, but rather the experiences that I had following an established physician in the ED. I can confidently attest that being a medical scribe early into my training provided me with a head start during my time as a medical student, resident, and now physician.”


– Dr. Jason Ghasemloian



Being a medical scribe also introduces you to opportunities that are not traditionally a clinic or patient-facing career. Manuel Marine, a medical scribe who initially pursued a path in medicine speaks about how scribing helped him in his role as a financial analyst for a major South Florida health system:




“In my three transformative years at Scrivas, I embarked on a journey that would forever shape my career in healthcare. As a dedicated medical scribe, I immersed myself in the fast-paced world of medicine, learning to capture the essence of patient encounters with precision and detail. This invaluable experience not only honed my understanding of medical practices but also ignited my passion for the healthcare industry.


Little did I know that my time at Scrivas would serve as the catalyst for a remarkable pivot in my career path. Inspired by my exposure to healthcare operations, I ventured into the realm of healthcare finance. Armed with firsthand knowledge of clinical workflows and a deep appreciation for the critical role finance plays in delivering quality care, I found my calling.


Today, as a seasoned professional in healthcare finance, I owe my success to the solid foundation built during those formative years at Scrivas. The meticulousness, the dedication, and the unwavering commitment to the well-being of patients continue to guide me as I navigate the intricate financial landscape of healthcare. Scrivas was not just a stepping stone; it was the launch pad for my fulfilling and impactful career in healthcare finance.”


  • Manuel Marine, MBA


Scribing can prepare you for even the most challenging aspects of healthcare. More recently, we spoke with a medical scribe who became a travel nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the valuable medical knowledge attained, Ahmed Salim also speaks about the intrinsic benefits being a medical scribe provides, by developing into a youth mentor for his local community as well.




“Working as a medical scribe with Scrivas was my first job right after high school. Needless to say, I was incredibly young and unprepared for what the emergency department had in store for me. Being a medical scribe quickly got me acclimated to understanding medical terminology, seeing patient-to-provider interactions firsthand, and of course, what it takes to be a provider. This experience also accustomed me to the stark realities individuals face when being brought into the ER, and although challenging at first, being surrounded by tenured physicians and nurses truly allowed me to develop as a person as well. I quickly became comfortable with being uncomfortable, which provided me with the desire to step in at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic and facilitate care as a travel nurse. In addition to the value that Scrivas provided me with my medical career, working alongside mentors allowed me to also engage in becoming a mentor myself. There are numerous benefits that becoming a medical scribe provides, whether it’s from the general knowledge behind EMRs, medical sciences, or from the developmental side that builds on as a person. I could easily say that becoming a medical scribe was one of the best decisions I could make for myself from a career and personal level.”


Ahmed Salim, RN, BSN


Medical scribing can be a valuable opportunity for those interested in a career in healthcare. The role offers firsthand exposure to the healthcare setting, allows one to work closely with physicians and other providers, assists with a better understanding of medical terminology and documentation, and arguably above all, develops character that fits the criteria of being a top medical professional. Being a medical scribe is a wonderful stepping stone to other healthcare professions.