Need a Scribe with a Specialization? Scrivas Offers These Specialty Areas

As time goes by, the list of the reasons why a Medical Scribe is essential in a physician’s workday continues to increase. Here are just a few of those reasons:

  • The desire to increase patient load
  • The need to reduce wait times
  • The desire for increased efficiency
  • The desire to have more face-to-face time with the patients
  • Reduce Physician Burnout
  • Frustrations with navigating within the EHR system
  • Frustrations of having “pajama time” at nights and weekends completing documentation

What first started out only being utilized in emergency rooms has grown to all other specialties once proof of concept studies began to show that it could be equally beneficial. The 21st– century physician’s job description has become not only patient care but EHR documentation, CPT codes and modifiers.

What Scribe Specialties Does Scrivas Offer?

As a physician owned and operated company, Scrivas uniquely understands that having specialized training in different specialties is crucial in the success of physician & practice objectives.

Scrivas offers the following specializations and sub-specialties:

  • Emergency
    • Urgent Care
  • Hospitalists
  • Ambulatory
    • Internal
    • Family
    • Specialty
      • Sub-specialty 

Each specialization and sub-specialty have unique aspects that are vital in the field in which the physician works. For example, in the ED, increasing throughput, noting the accurate critical care time, and conducting a thorough medical decision-making process are just a few components essential to have in the chart to reduce reimbursement shortfalls.

For hospitalists, ensuring that they indicate the number of minutes spent arranging for a patient’s discharge, having a complete review of systems and accurate medical history, as well as completing admissions and discharges in an efficient manner are just a number of important points to remember when documenting for each patient.

For ambulatory practices, each specialty and sub-specialty has their own elements of focus that Scrivas scribes will learn and help to provide the crucial pieces to the ongoing puzzle of completing documentation with the highest accuracy possible. 

How Do We Go Above and Beyond for Your Physicians?

Scrivas continues to go further by going beyond just learning the needed components for high-quality documentation — we also meet the specific needs of each physician by learning their workflow and preferences. Each physician is different. We respect that and take the time to learn their unique way of working so we can provide high-quality documentation but also help physicians obtain satisfaction for having the documentation done the way they prefer.

As the saying goes, “If it isn’t documented, then it wasn’t done.” Let our customizable scribe service help your hospital and large medical practices to alleviate the burden of documentation from your physicians while giving you high-quality charts.


Written by: Nicole Bramblett, MHA