Our Contact Tracing Service Can Help Keep Your Doors Open and Your Staff Safe

Our Contact Tracing Service Can Help Keep Your Doors Open and Your Staff Safe

Businesses across the country are implementing contact tracing for COVID-19 positive employees. Does your business have a plan to keep the virus from spreading?

The past year has been one of the most difficult for business owners. In addition to all the other responsibilities on their to-do lists, they now also have to worry about keeping their staff and customers safe from the novel coronavirus. If an employee contracts the virus, what processes are in place? What needs to happen to keep the virus from spreading? Does the business have to close?

These are the types of questions business owners have been asking for months, and they are important.

As is now readily apparent, contact tracing is an invaluable tool that businesses can use to stay open and safe during the pandemic. These are some of the ways that our services can help.

Keep Track of Employee Status

Businesses in every industry are doing their best to keep the doors open and the lights on. What that means for employees is an increased risk of contracting the virus. If an employee contracts the virus, comes into contact with someone who has tested positive, or shows symptoms, it is important to know who else on the team might have been exposed.

Contact tracing services from Scrivas can help discern who needs to quarantine and be tested. For many business owners, knowing who on their team is available can prove invaluable for day-to-day duties.

Continue Essential Duties While We Take Care of Health and Safety

Running a business is difficult enough in the best of times. During a pandemic, it can be overwhelming.

Having a team at the ready to help identify anyone who may have been exposed can take a lot of pressure off so business owners can focus their efforts on bringing in revenue and daily operations.

Reduce Your Risk and Your Employees’ Risk of Testing Positive

Contact tracing allows for a more complete view of how the virus is impacting those who test positive as well as those they spend their time with. By identifying the employees who may have contracted the virus while at work, our team can help business owners keep an isolated case from turning into something worse.

Contain the Spread to Keep the Doors Open

Having one or two employees test positive for COVID-19 is bad enough. Shutting a business down, however, affects everyone. It may even put a business at risk of closing forever if funds run out before re-opening is possible.

Vaccines? Now What?

As part of Scrivas’ contact tracing program, we will track the vaccine status of your employees, and use that information to determine their likelihood of contracting the virus. We will also track the timing of the vaccine, which manufacturer it will come from, and when optimal immunity would be achieved.

Need Contact Tracing Services to Keep Your Business Running during This Difficult Time?

If you need help keeping your employees safe so that you can continue to run your business, Scrivas can help. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to learn more about how our contact tracing services can help you during this difficult time.

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