The Impact Scribing had on my Career By Sarah Caceres, MS,RN, BSN

The Impact Scribing had on my Career By Sarah Caceres, MS,RN, BSN

I was 22 years old and actively preparing to take the last finals of my undergraduate degree when it dawned on me, “Well, what now?” As Robert Burns once wrote, “The best-laid plans of men often go awry.” And here I was, about to embark on my post-graduate life, having scrapped my lifelong plans of becoming a physician, with no clear idea of what to do next. I had always known that I wanted to work in healthcare, but after realizing that I no longer wanted to attend medical school, I now needed to reassess my goals. A close friend suggested I apply to a local medical scribe company in Miami called Scrivas while I drew up a new plan, and so began my journey as a medical scribe.

Working as a medical scribe afforded me many opportunities and advantages that continue to this day. As a medical scribe, I have been exposed to many different healthcare environments in both acute care and specialty care practices while working with adult and pediatric patients. When I wasn’t absorbing clinical approaches, techniques, or medical terminology, I was honing my skills in administration. I practiced my leadership skills by being responsive and proactive in my roles as a scribe trainer, site implementer, and site supervisor. I even gained valuable exposure to the IT world while working with health system informatics team members while representing Scrivas during multiple EMR launch events.

As I worked and gained experience, I realized that what I yearned for was a pursuit of knowledge and a desire to expand my skills portfolio. For this, medical scribing with Scrivas was the perfect starting point, so I took my next steps, beginning with graduate school and later nursing school. I felt well-equipped for all my studies because I had already been exposed to a vast array of medical terminology, medications, and a multitude of medical practices. This made it much easier to conceptualize and apply the new information presented during my advanced lectures. Continuing to work as a medical scribe while attending graduate and later nursing school helped provide structure and routine while also allowing me to stay current with the latest practices in healthcare. I was able to think critically while applying my real-world working experiences as a medical scribe to my nursing program.

Beyond this, medical scribing at Scrivas has allowed me to network both professionally and personally. When I was ready to apply to jobs post-graduation, it made the process smoother by allowing me to tap into the resources I had built over time. The professional relationships I had made helped when I needed letters of recommendation and references for positions. Maintaining good contact with prior employers and physicians over time meant that I was able to ask about job opportunities and suggestions regarding career moves. When I wanted to take a new direction in my career, my history as a medical scribe and having worked in a major local hospital system allowed me to feel comfortable adapting to a new environment and provided me with a good background when potential new employers saw my resume.

A job that many may seem as “simple” or just a starting position has had a major impact on every aspect of my life, both professionally and personally. I do not believe I would be where I am today had I not taken the opportunity after graduation to train and work as a medical scribe at Scrivas. Medical scribing was the perfect stepping-stone into the healthcare field that continues to provide me opportunities years later and will continue to do so into the future.