We Offer More Than Scribe Services: Here’s How We Can Help You Overcome COVID-19

The United States COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to hit record numbers as the cases topped 200,000 for the third time this week. Even more worrying for U.S. citizens is the first case of a new, fast-spreading variant of COVID-19, which was just reported in Colorado on Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 (https://www.wsj.com/livecoverage/covid-2020-12-30). Once we all get back to work from the holiday break, how can organizations handle the constant contact tracing and the additional workload that COVID-19 and the flu season have brought on? What about keeping track of who is vaccinated and who isn’t? Our scribe services, contact tracing, and healthcare screening programs are designed to help answer these questions.

How Do Scribe Services and Contact Tracing Help Your Staff?

We founded Scrivas as a scribe service company focusing on reducing physician burnout by helping to alleviate the burden of the documentation tasks associated with the implementation of EHR systems. Our scribe service workforce has pivoted to fill essential roles as CoVid Contact Tracers and frontline CoVid Facility Screeners, alleviating the burden of this newly defined essential role for companies and schools that are being stretched by these new processes.

Scrivas’ complete COVID Exposure Management Service leverages the latest technology combined with a human based approach to contact tracing, allowing rapid identification of individuals at risk for infection and in-depth real person contact tracing investigation for accurate assessment. A web-based app will ask your customized health questions to everyone (employee or student) before coming onto your property. Anyone that fails the questionnaire will be automatically put into a HIPAA-compliant dashboard for our specialized contact tracers to begin the in depth process of pinpointing risk with a professional, compassionate, and informative approach. Our contact tracers perform initial intake and follow-up calls as needed until your employees/students are cleared to come back into the facility. Your company’s leaders and administrators will have secure access to the HIPAA-compliant real time dashboard, which will showcase any key performance indicators (KPIs) that they would like, including (but not limited to):

  • Exposure status and risk
  • Positive CoVid results
  • Pending CoVid testing
  • CoVid vaccine status & documentation
  • Division, department, classroom
  • Biographical data as needed

Once the affected or infected person is cleared to return to work or school, the health advisor for the business will be notified automatically to allow for a seamless transition. 

A recent case study on Scrivas’ contact tracing program at True North, a public charter school in heavily CoVid-affected Miami-Dade County, is a testament to the effectiveness of our services. Our contact tracing program allowed True North to focus their attention on what matters most — teaching — and helped contain the COVID-19 cases while keeping numbers down. The program resulted in a favorable response rate among parents. Since the reopening of True North in August 2020, the school has only had 2 positive COVID-19 cases out of 998 students — less than 1% of the students’ population (https://c7x.c3c.myftpupload.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Coral-Gables-Magazine_January_20212.pdf).

Just as COVID-19 contact tracing is vital to secure the safest possible return and day-to-day operations at work or school, so is the additional non-clinical support manpower needed for hospital systems. This assignment of the right person, for the right job, at the time will make all the difference in ensuring safety, promoting efficiency, reducing burnout, and increasing peace of mind for staff and patients.

Scrivas’ non-clinical support workforce has quickly helped to support healthcare systems by filling a wide range of open positions such as healthcare screeners, transportation assistance, patient advocate support staff, and so on. As the vaccines begin to roll out to the general public as well, having additional non-clinical support workforce will allow the process to be smoother and more efficient!

Our trained and HIPAA-compliant workforce will work seamlessly with your management and staff to fill in wherever there is a need. The HIPAA-compliant dashboards will showcase all staffing schedules, compliance, and additional KPIs requested. Leadership will be able to review these dashboards 24/7 as it is important for hospital leaders to see where they must allocate their resources for higher cost-efficiency.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an emotional strain and financial burden on everyone. Let us all work together to move into the new year in a safer and more efficient way. Scrivas’ scribe services and contact tracing programs can help you take care of all the extra workload so you can focus on the people you serve in our community!

Together we are better!